On Camera interviews

Check out some of her on camera interviews from The US Open.com's Mt Sinai sponsored health segments and a sport debate segment for the Newscorp news app "The Daily."

When Shawna is conducting an interview, she isn't thinking only about the questions she's asking, but also of how to help the interviewee put their best broadcast foot forward. Presenting questions in the right format can make all the difference, and with some helpful tips which she uses during a pre-interview coaching session, any interviewee can nail that on camera interview rather than feeling like they're in the hot seat.

special interest videos

Take a look at some examples of company's and business professionals she's helped through promotional videos for their own websites, including dental Master Ceramist to the stars Jason J Kim, CDT, and clothing boutique LIC: Living.

Promoting a brand through the use of video can be one of the most powerful tools in your PR arsenal. But it's not always as simple and pointing a camera at a product! Presenting a company's philosophy is just as important to catching a potential customer's attention as touting the wonders of the product itself. And when the person on camera is, in essence the product, promoting their own services as a professional - the stakes are even higher. Shawna uses her decade long experience as a new reporter to help you present the best version of yourself on camera, and she uses the tricks that helped her win 2 NY Emmy statues to capture the right video to catch their attention.


Event coverage

In addition to her role as a host, she is often tasked to cover events for special on air segments. She has created videos for The NY Arthritis Foundation to use in their own email promotions for fundraising event and has covered various special programs at well known establishments such as The Bronx Zoo. Shawna is also available to host your live event.


Your brands manifesto

What values does your brand stand for? A manifesto video is a montage of scenes, music, and a narrative that captures your brand's essence.

Manifesto's aren't product videos. They of course show off the product being sold, but are meant to introduce customers to the creators behind the brand. For example, Trestique is a new makeup line created by Jennifer Kapahi. Makeup essentials for lips, face and eyes that present makeup solutions for every gal in a portable package. Jenn has a unique background of being raised on a farm and asked us to come up with a "manifesto" for her website, that isn't a product video, but instead gives viewers the essence of the brand and why she created it. Meanwhile, the founders of the cold pressed juice company Chocotoy were looking to make a video for their website that showcases the active lifestyle they're all about and how that has influenced the juices they make for their customers.

On-air talent

In addition to her media training, Shawna is also a working journalist, anchor and host. She has been nominated for more than a dozen NY Emmy awards, and the recipient of two Emmy statues. She has worked in various genres including sports, entertainment and news. Take a look below at some more of her award winning stories and on air work. See more examples of Shawna on-air.

Media Training

They say if you can't do, teach. But what if you do, and teach? Shawna believes as a media coach, her continuous work in the field of broadcast sets her apart from other coaches. The tips she can give are ones she trusts, because she has to use them on a daily basis as well. Whether you're looking to promote your business through web videos, polish up skills for a special interview or just know how to present the best on camera look - Shawna has the tools that can help your put forth the message and image you want out there.


emcee for events

Shawna is often asked to host events for various businesses. Cable television station Cablevision often has her host promotional events that highlight programming stemming from partnerships with other broadcast company's such as The Smithsonian Channel, The Discovery Channel and The Weather Channel. Her continuous work as a public speaker helps keep her skills fresh for when she is tasked with coaching clients for their own public speaking or interview challenges. Below you can see some photographs from past events she has hosted.

Social Media & Marketing


Blogging, facebook posting, tweeting, instagramming...these are not just ways to pass the time for journalists. In today's world, reporters and anchors are required to maintain active social media sites to continue the conversation once viewers turn off the TV. The many skills Shawna learned from doing this for the various media companies she's worked for has helped her own clients. Shawna has helped others streamlined their company's facebook and twitter pages and helped them generate useful content to attract more followers and potential customers.