Introduction //

All great emcees bring the perfect combination of gravitas and levity to the events they host. We know the most important challenges they face, but provide a fresh point of view as someone who gets to see these pressings topics from an outside perspective.  As Master of Ceremonies, I am always well versed in the professional vocabulary that my audience inhabits, but beyond jargon I speak openly and directly to my audience with the intrigue and focus of a journalist.

I want to hear their stories and invite them to the table to interact, to benchmark, to debate, and to learn. That's the difference between a good moderator and a great one - the ability to create a shared sense of safe engagement that others can grab onto to begin a dialogue, whether that be during a live Q&A session in front of an audience or on camera during a taped interview. I give people a platform to speak confidently and share their value.

My roles //

Professional Master of ceremonies

A well versed Emmy Award winning storyteller, I have used my decade of experience in broadcast news as an interviewer and content creator to help others learn how to better communicate with their audiences about the current trends and hot topics challenging the landscape of their industries.

My reporting and producing skills have been applied as an emcee and live speaker for events hosting executives in more than a dozen industries ranging from finance, to utilities, digital marketing, healthcare and education. My numerous interviews with thought leaders within these industries has afforded me insights into the important topics effecting decision makers.

Keynote speaker

As host of industry events focused on thought leadership, I give a personalized Keynotes, emcee B2B presentations and moderator peer led discussions. Watch the video below to see examples of how I perform these tasks in several different genres including digital marketing, EHS, and even youth events for education.  


I Interview key figures and help them tell their stories effectively, both live in front of an audience and on camera. My experience of interviewing decision makers includes the VP of Digital at Under Armour, CMO at Crayola, Dir. of eCommerce at Mondelez International, VP of EHS at Exelon, L'Oreal & Johnson & Johnson, Dir. of Marketing Negotiations at Uber, CHRO of PepsiCo, VP of Digital at Citi, Former Secretary of OSHA, SVP of Digital at T-Mobile, and many more. Watch these interviews in the examples below.

Content Creator: video producer, Editor, Writer

I often am asked to create articles and short video packages from the interviews I conduct with these thought leaders. See below examples of my work in various genres.

Genres and examples //




Digital Marketing

Retail & e-Commerce

Cultural & Generational Issues

Tech Trends